About Education Basta

Education Basta (EB) is an initiative towards making a platform for all inquisitive minds. This is a platform prepared for multi-users like students, parents and colleges/universities/ institutes as well.

Our portal is a source of reliable and authentic information for all cadres of knowledge regarding colleges/universities/institutes, courses, entrance exams and more. Through our portal, we try to make every possible, reliable, and authentic information available for users. Education Basta (EB) is one of the smartest college gateways that deliver higher education-related domain knowledge and information, with technology, innovation, and credibility with transparency that is meant for all.

What We Do

Through our portal, we provide detailed information on career choices, exams, courses, colleges, etc. We provide information for higher education courses, colleges, and entrance exams such as admission criteria, fees, eligibility, placement statistics, reviews, rankings, scholarships, latest updates and so on. With the help of this credible information, students can get on their desired paths. Along with this, students can interact with Education Basta’s experts, other users, current students in colleges, or alumni groups.

In our portal, students can get reliable information and compare it to get the final result. We are fundamentally a hub of activities and doings on everything to do with the inclusive personality development of new generations, not just education. We are Education Basta, an initiative toward a better for everyone.