Bachelor of Commerce Overview

A Bachelor of Commerce is an undergraduate degree in business, usually awarded in Canada, India, Australia, Sri-Lanka, Pakistan, New Zealand, Myanmar,Egypt, Ireland, Ghana, and additional Commonwealth countries, however the degree is no longer offered in United Kingdom.

The Bachelor of Commerce is popularly known as B.Com. B.Com is a four-year undergraduate degree in commerce and its related subjects. Unlike BBA, where the subjects are restricted to business administration and management, B.Com has a broader perspective and teaches students a wide range of subjects.

B.Com course is imparted in regular as well as distance education mode. B.Com is the second most popular undergraduate course in the Commerce branch. Under B.Com, there are three most popular courses, namely B.Com or B.Com general, B.Com (Honours) and B.Com LLB.

B.Com undergraduate program is designed to develop the students business acumen, financial literacy, and analytical skills. The B.Com will provide you with a broad foundation knowledge of contemporary business and its practices.

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Reasons why B.Com degree is great for your career:

  1. Training in a vast range of topics: As a undergraduate degree in the field of commerce, students are trained majorly in the field of commerce, finance and banking. However, there are so many areas of specializations in commerce sector, students will be able to qualify themselves for different sectors and industries.
  2. Great Employment Opportunities: In India, B.Com is one of the few subjects that offer great employment opportunities across different sectors.
  3. Immense Future Prospects: While many B.Com graduates opt for pursuing a career right after graduation from the 3-year undergraduate course however, a viable and commonly chosen path by B.Com graduates include pursuing higher education.
  4. Job Profile and Areas of Employment: One of the key feature of B.Com graduate is the ability to attract lucrative job profiles and areas of employment. Due to the variety in specialization and skills, a B.Com graduate will be able to pursue a career a number of commerce-related profile and roles.


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