Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) is one of the best career option after completing 12th for those who want to pursue their career in science and technology. Anyone can opt B.Sc with science background in 10+2. In India, the course duration for B.Sc is usually 3 years. Career After B.Sc. Some of the best colleges of B.Sc in India location are:

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One of the amazing thing regarding this course is that there are variety of career potion available after B.Sc., but everyone is not aware of all the different options they can opt after completing their graduation in B.Sc. Let’s discuss the career options available:

Courses After B.Sc are:

•             Master of Computer Application (MCA)

•             Master of Science (M.Sc)

•             Master of Business Administration (MBA)

•             Information Security Management (ISM)

  • Certification Course in Machine Learning

•             Master Degree in Information management

•             Certification Course in Digital Marketing

•             Certification Course in Data Scientist

•             Certification Course in Data Analyst

•             Certification Course in Cyber Security

Job Profiles After BCA are:

•             Software Developer- The main mask of software developers includes talking with clients about their requirements, testing software and fixing problems, maintaining systems, integrate software components, producing efficient codes, writing program codes for reporting and reference.

  • Hardware Developer- They are responsible for developing, designing, and testing physical components of computer, analyzing test data, modifying existing hardware, and eliminating errors. Computer systems, keyboards, chips, routers, circuit boards, printers are some example of hardware components. 

•             Web Developer- A web developer is a programmer who creates and maintains websites. It is also indulging in the site’s technical aspects capacity and performance which measure the website’s speed. They also engaged in a web content management system that is used to develop and maintain web applications.

•             Computer Programmer- Computer Programmer has to write and test code for new programs, updating existing programs, identifying and correcting coding errors, rewrite the program for different operating systems, and secure the program against cyber-security threats.

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