Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) is one of the best courses that students can pursue after completing their BFA. Career After MFA. Some of the best colleges of MFA in India location are:

Best MFA College in Noida

Best MFA College in Delhi

Best MFA in Pune

Best MFA in Chennai

Best MFA in Kolkata

Best MFA in Greater Noida

MFA is 2-years post-graduation course, when someone does MFA, the candidate has done a specialization in a particular field. On completing MFA one looks ahead to script a new character in their lives by taking up a job.

After completing Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) lots of options are available but everyone is not aware about all different available options that they can opt to make a their career successful. Let’s discuss some of the most leading career options after MFA. 

Career After MFA:

  • Commercial Artist
  • Animator
  • Creative Director
  • Lecturer
  • Musician
  • Editor
  • Choreographer
  • Photographer
  • Ceramics
  • 3D artist
  • Dance Teacher
  • Art Director
  • Theatre Artist
  • Art Teacher
  • Visual Designer
  • Cartoonist
  • Fine Artist
  • Actor
  • Graphics Designer
  • Art Administrator
  • Screenwriter

3D Artist- 3D Artist creates moving and visual effects and still images by using computers. These 3D animations can be created for things like video games, film or TV.

Cartoonist- Responsibilities of cartoonist are vary by industry, but they generally responsible for sketching and submitting cartoons for approval, developing colour moods and patterns, developing ideas for comic strips or cartoons, drawing or modifying cartoons based on client requirements, etc.

Graphic Designer- Duties of graphic designer are study design and determine requirements, develop logos, prepare rough drafts and present ideas, illustrations and other design using software, test graphs across various media, use appropriate colours and layouts for each graphic ,ensure final graphic and layouts, and so on.

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