Ceramics plays an important in our daily life some of these items include bulbs, computer, glass light, cars, jet engines, etc. Ceramic Engineering is the technology of creating in-organic and non-metallic objects having crystalline structure, through the process of heat or precipitation reactions at the lower temperatures. Ceramic is used in aeronautical engineering for manufacturing space shuttles tiles, aircrafts engines, airframes, and many others. Career in Ceramic Engineering

Ceramic Engineering is required right from the production of ceramic bones, teeth and other fibre optic cables used for surgery to ceramic lasers, superconductors, etc. this engineering is used in the following fields: medicine, transportation, construction, airplane, electronics, optical fibres, military, etc.

Ceramic Engineer focuses on the use of ceramic in the production of various products. They develops procedure for processing non-metallic inorganic materials into various ceramic products, does research, product development, also develop heat tiles for space shuttles, produce ceramic bones, joint, teeth, and help in developing materials that enclose and support aircraft engines.

Candidates who want to become a ceramic engineer must have an engineering degree in ceramic engineering. You can opt one of the following courses mention below:

  • Diploma Course in Ceramic Engineering (3 years)
  • B. Tech Course in Ceramic Engineering (4 years)
  • M. Tech Course in Ceramic Engineering (2 years)
  • Integrated Dual Degree in Ceramic Engineering (5 years)
  • Ph.D

A ceramic engineer can find various job opportunities in various fields like food and chemical industry, medicine, industrial & transmission electricity, mining, electronics, aerospace, guided light wave transmission and refiner. Other domains where ceramic engineer may get opportunities are:

  • Engine components manufacturing units
  • Decorative ware Industry
  • Design firms
  • Kitchen ware Industry
  • Enamels factories
  • Ceramic ware manufacturing units
  • Cutting tools Industry
  • Construction Services
  • Glass bulbs factory
  • Research and testing firms
  • Sanitary ware Industry
  • Table ware Industry

Job Profiles of a Ceramic Engineer:

  • Ceramic Technologist
  • Professor
  • Ceramic Designer
  • Marketing Executive
  • Production Worker
  • Researcher
  • Technician
  • Construction Manager

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