Chemical Engineering is a great career that deals with the supervision and designing of chemical reactions in the industry for the purpose of human development and energy production. The main task of chemical engineer is to apply the principles of chemistry, mathematics, biology and physics to solve the problems like production and use of chemical, food, drugs, and other products.

You should aware about those chemical engineers doesn’t just sit in labs all day, combining chemicals and make sure they don’t explore. This is just a small part of their work, as they can dabble in areas like oil and gas, food and agriculture, health and environment.

The eligibility criteria to become a chemical engineer is: students must have passed their 12th in science stream to take admission in Bachelor’s degree courses in chemical engineering, they must have a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering is mandatory to take admission in Master’s degree courses in chemical engineering and to do research in the field of chemistry, they must have a master’s degree in chemical engineering.

Every field have both pros and cons. Let’s first discuss the pros of becoming a chemical engineering. The pros include apart from salary engineers are provided with various health benefits, retirement pension, etc. and they are also capable of contributing meaningful advancements of society. Now have a look at cons of this field. Cons involves engineers have to work in hazardous working condition and they get less free time.

There is a list of job profiles that chemical engineers can opt after obtaining the necessary skills:

  • Production Manager
  • Analytical Chemist
  • Mining Engineer
  • Energy Manager
  • Materials Engineer
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Lecturer

The chemical Engineers cover huge rage of inductor sectors. The employment opportunity for chemical engineer is diverse. They can find employment opportunities in the following sectors:

  • Universities, Colleges, and Schools
  • Oil Refineries
  • Beverage Industries
  • Gas and Oil Extraction
  • Fibre and Polymer Industries
  • Power generation industries
  • Agrochemical industries
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Fine and heavy chemical industries

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