IoT or Internet of Things is fascinating field in which you can make your future bright. The number of employment in IoT technology is grew from 13% to 25%, between 2014 and 2019. The blooming IoT domain opens up countless opportunities for engineers and professionals. It is quiet promising for people who have creative ability and innovative thinking. It is considered to the future because it allows both a single individual and a big organisation to have control over their environment. Career in IoT

There are no specific eligibility criteria to enter in this field. An engineering graduate in computer science, electronic, electrics, and IT are better. Some colleges provide undergraduate courses in IoT or have computer science specialisation with IoT. To start a career in IoT, candidate needs to have knowledge of the following concepts:

  • Software Development
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Management
  • Security Standards
  • Data Analytics
  • Networking Security

Candidates can opt for online training courses for IoT from wide range of online platform:

  • Series of courses from Coursera
  • Stanford Online’s Introduction to Internet of Things
  • Udemy’s Internet of Things Course
  • AWS’ internet of Things Foundation Series
  • Great Learning’s IoT Certification Course

One can explore IoT related career opportunities in various fields such as agriculture, consumer products, healthcare, utilities, manufacturing, and transportation. Within IoT, candidates can explore the following options:

  • IoT Developer
  • IoT Architect
  • IoT Solutions Engineer
  • IoT Security Engineer
  • IoT Embedded Systems Designer
  • Sensors and Actuator Professional
  • Network Professionals
  • Data Scientist