After completing 12th students are confused with the questions such as which college should join, which course should purchase, etc. Mainly, students opt course that secures their future and college provides good placements with higher package. When it comes to planning your higher studies, the first question that comes in everybody mind is which course would be the best bet for you. Some of the common undergraduate courses are B.Sc., B.Com, BCA and BBA. Both the fields are growing by leaps and demand for management and technology role is increasing appreciably. Difference between BBA and BCA

Before you choose on a path for you, you should know the differences between both the courses. There should be a clear picture in your mind about the features and scope of both BBA and BCA offers. Difference between BBA and BCA

If you are good in presentation, have a great convincing power and have a good knowledge about business tactics. Then you are perfect for BBA. It is 3 year professional course of management divided into 6 semesters. Student from any stream can do a BBA course. In three years, BBA course includes core subjects like marketing, financial accounting, entrepreneurship, digital marketing, HRM, etc. Based on your strength and interest, you should opt for a core subject. To make your work easier here is a basic idea of each specialisation: business administration, international business, finance, hospitality, entrepreneurship, event management, human resource, tourism, marketing, retail, information system, and so on.

If you are interested in technical sections like coding, algorithms and good in problem solving skills, you should opt BCA. Like BCA, it is also 3 year course with sex semesters. The course comprises study of different computer languages such as Java, C++, C, Python, etc. It provides base for students who are interested in software engineering, programming, inventory management, accounting, management, etc. It prepares candidates to face the technological world with the concepts of programming methods, computer languages, software, hardware, etc. BCA course offer various specializations such as: computer graphics, internet technology, database management, system analysis, word processing, financial accounting, animation, personal information management.

Out of two, BBA is considered easier for its theory- based course that can easily understood by anyone, it does not require prior knowledge of the subjects. On the other side, BCA requires prior knowledge of computer science and considered as an easy option for the science students for its technical approach.

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