Master of Arts in Human Resource Management (M.A.H.R.M.) is one highly sought after profession for people who wish to get into the industry or corporation managing the interpersonal relationship of employees. The program involves study of people’s management and human resource development so as to make one able to effectively manage an organization’s employees, or better to term it as human resources of the entity. Master Of Arts In Human Resource Management

It provides skills of managing the collective relationship of the management and the respected employees of an organization. Thus, those interested in pursuing MA in Human Resource Management may refer to the complete article below that contains information on the course, eligibility for MA HRM, syllabus specifications, relative scope and career opportunities, etc.

MA In HRM Learning Outcomes:

  1. Complete a job analysis of a specific job to be used for recruiting, selection, performance appraisal, training, and compensation.
  2. Conduct a needs assessment and design a training program for current employees on a specific topic related to organizational goals.
  3. Develop a recruiting plan and design a selection process for recruiting, interviewing, and selecting candidates for employment for jobs within an organization.
  4. Assess and develop methods designed to prevent employer liability and labor relation issues (anti-discrimination statutes, employee and labor relations, union, and non-union environment issues).
  5. Assess benefits relevant to the employee population and organizational structure, and formulate a compensation system based upon merit, knowledge, and skill acquisition.

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What is M.A.H.R.M??

MA in HRM is that field of specialized study wherein all sorts of skills dealing with the management of issues that happen to be there with employees at the workplace are included. Master of Arts is a much broader study field and Human Resource Management specialization gives a specific direction to that towards development and management of human resources.


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