Master of Technology popularly known as M.Tech degree is offered across various specializations. These specializations include Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, VLSI, Chemical Engineering, Communication and Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, etc.

Full for of ME is Master of Engineering and that of M.Tech is Master of Technology. M.Tech is a professional postgraduate engineering master degree program awarded to candidates after completion of two (2) years of study in the discipline of engineering. This degree is predicted in a specific branch of engineering.

M.Tech is a master program comes up with a duration of two years consisting of 4 semesters. M.Tech course focuses on the implementation of existing technologies and gives gateway towards technical research. M.Tech course has tremendous specialization according to one’s undergraduate degree in engineering undergraduate. Anyone who has graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Engineering or Technology is eligible to take up this course. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Mechatronics, Software Engineering, etc are some of the demanding master’s degrees in the market.

This degree course is offered under the following categories:

1.Regular (full-time)

2.Sponsored (full-time)

3.Part Time M.Tech

4.Project Staff (for those who are presently working on sponsored projects)

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M.Tech Course Fee in India:

The average fee for the M.Tech degree fee ranges from INR 25,000 to 2 lakh per annum. Which slightly vary according to universities/colleges which one wants to study.

M.Tech Salary in India:

The salary varies according to the specialization and the industry one is working. The average salary for M.Tech graduate is 7 lakh per annum. If one has relevant skills and experience, the salary package will be much higher.

M.Tech the master degree program is also receptive to the working diploma holders or diploma holders having work experience for specified period.


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