Post Graduate Diploma in International Business is a 1 to 2 year full time industry based postgraduate course that involves substantial project work in the curriculum. The program aim to develop in eligible students, competency in discipline and skills associated with the business strategy. It aims to provide adequate guidance to think through international business strategies with a global perspective. PGD IN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS

Admission to the course is based on performance in a relevant entrance test specific to the concerned university, academic profile and an interview. The average tution fee charged for this course in India ranges between INR 2 and 18 lakhs.

Successful postgraduates of PGP in International business are lucratively hired in a range of related organisations such as Goldman Sachs, Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Cognizant and Amazon. They are hired in capacities such as Business Development Manager, International Marketing Manager, International financial Analyst etc.

PGD in International Business has been designed to explore in detail the nature and implications of advancement and change in the global business scene and provide students with the requisite skills and mind sets for operating effectively within existing and future organisations.

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Students enrolled to the course are taught export import policies, documentations, international finance and functioning of various financial institutes and the banking sector. The program emphasizes contemporary issues such as international commercial law, business environment, India’s foreign trade policies.

The course aims to equip existing and prospective manager with the necessary competency to formulate strategies in the ever-evolving global business scenario.

International Business examines the relationships between different countries and in the context of business. Enrolled students are trained to negotiate, strategize and lead major companies. The curriculum is designed to build managerial skills, understanding of corporal initiatives, global economic. political.

Middle to senior level professionals who are in the key decision making roles in an organisation cam opt for this course


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