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Welcome to the website “”. We value your trust and respect for our portal. In order to honour that trust, Education Basta follows ethical standards in collecting, safeguarding, and using any information you provide. These terms and conditions provided by Education Basta cover every individual who visits this website and assumed that by accessing and using, you accept these “Terms of Use” in full and must have gone through and consented univocally and permanently to the same.

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Overview of Our Portal is a one-stop solution for all the participants. It is an initiative towards making a platform for all inquisitive minds. This is a platform prepared for multi-users like students, parents and colleges/ universities/ institutes as well. EB helps the students by providing information regarding colleges, admission, courses and more.  Education Basta guides students through the application process and informs them of all the accessible or existing study options.

Education Basta does not take any amount for registration or application on behalf of a particular institution. On this website of Education Basta by applying to any course at any institution, the student is considered to have applied only for the assistance of the Education Basta team.


You warrant that:

The website ( is not considered or designed to attract users below 13 years and thus we do not intend to keep data of the users below the specified age i.e. 13 years.     

If you are assessing our portal, you are deemed to have warranted that you fulfil the aforementioned requirement of minimum. Upon receiving any information which is measured as contrary to the aforementioned, the user and its information shall be deleted.      

Persons who are minors, insolvents, un-discharged etc. are not eligible to register for any of our services or our facilities.      

In case you are a minor and wish to use our portal and our services, for such use you should use the available services under the direction and supervision of your legal guardian or parents, who have agreed to these terms & conditions.           

Privacy Policy      

Please read all the terms & conditions and the privacy policy of the company concerning registration with Education Basta, and the use of the website, services and products carefully before using our Website and Services.

The privacy policy is applicable only to Education Basta and not to those websites that are linked with it. It shall be governed by its respective privacy policies and/or terms of use. The website utilizes some cookies and other tracking technologies to customize your user experience, personalize content and advertisements, and collect non-personal data. You will have the option to refuse all cookies including whether or not to accept them and how to remove them. Some of the cookies and other technologies may serve to recall Personal Information previously indicated by a Web user.         

Information Collected by Our Website:    

Data collection means with us that are- Contact Forms which are made to simplify the process of data presentation by collecting users’ interests. The user whom Login/Signup into our portal must agree with the terms & conditions of the website. The data collected by us of our users may consist of personal or non-personal information. We may store, collect, use and process the Information subject to compliance under applicable laws. The website mainly collects user information to provide suggestions personalized as per the students’ profiles and keep them informed about the ongoing application process.


Our Platform Education Basta is made available for use to help the students to get the details and discover, in navigating the institutions and exams of their interest and for associated services connected thereto. Education Basta also helps to connect educational Institutes/Colleges etc. with prospective students who are interested to get admission to them.

Email Partake and Other ways of data usage

We are free to use the data collected through our website in various ways provided here:

  1. A) Email Partake- we can send customized emails to the users opting for newsletters or notifications related to the admission process. The Users can anytime unsubscribe from the service if they want:
  2. B) Feedback: We may contact our users and visitors for feedback on any service or new feature. If the users are not interested in such calls they can drop a mail to
  3. c) Geographical Data: Education Basta uses geographical data to provide location-wise customized data.
  4. D) Cookies and IP Data: Cookies can be used to provide the most relevant results to our users through their searches.     

This website also stores data other than the content that provides information on personal identity in the form of cookies and IP. It is hereafter measured under the category of non-personal-identifiable data that includes the search history, education interests, date and time, queries submitted, domain, and advertisement response. We can use all the data collected through our channel in analyzing trends and can be shared with the educational service providers that are depending upon the usage history. The data collected by us can be used in the following manner and ways.

  • Email delivery call/ SMS as described in the application form and for administrative purposes such as it is to explain or to inform you of the information or any change herein for the institute/or the course in which you are interested or related. In accordance with the instructions on this site, you may also opt not to receive any such communication in the future.     
  • Display banners or similar advertising to you in the connection with the website that is more targeted to you specifically. In doing this type of targeting audience, Education Basta or its ad server connects the users with the targeting criteria.