Engineering is consider being a growing sector in the upcoming decade, and is expected to be a top career. In the past, engineering could be categorized into four branches i.e. Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical and Civil. However, today number of engineering degrees increases dramatically. There are six major branches: Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Chemical, Geotechnical, and Management and hundreds of different sub-categories under different branches. Types of Engineering Degree

Below are most popular types of engineering degree sorted by branches of engineering:

  • Computer Engineering Degrees: This involves both electrical engineering and computer science.  Successful graduates may find themselves in networking, telecommunication, manufacturing software application development and additional industries are emerging such as web development, application development, network security/ cyber security, cloud computing and many more.
  • Electrical Engineering Degrees: It involves the study of energy. Energy is available in many forms like hydro, electrical and natural sources like solar and wind energy. This engineering design components for electrical equipment, power grids, automobiles, communications systems, etc.
  • Civil Engineering Degrees: Civil Engineering includes the development of infrastructure like railways, roads, dams, bridges, buildings, and general construction project management. They also play a vital role in rebuilding projects such as in the event of natural disaster.
  • Mechanical Engineering Degrees: It includes the design of mechanical systems. These systems assist industries like nuclear power production, manufacturing, aeronautics, nuclear power production, cooling and heating.
  • Architectural Engineering: Their work is the construction, designing and planning phase of the projects. Their main focus is on building construction and interior design.
  • Environmental Engineering: It is one of the most popular engineering degrees involves the study of the science. This includes the food we consume, the air we breathe and water. They also study the impact of human on plants.
  • Biomedical Engineering Degrees: It combines the study of medicine and biology. They apply their design skills to biology and medical sciences. They also maintain and develop diagnostic devices.
  • Chemical Engineering Degrees: Chemical engineering is the practical of chemistry. This type of degree involves technology that utilizes chemical reactions to solve problems.

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