The cooperate world is very attractive to candidates who want to make it a big and aren’t afraid to risks and assume responsibilities. Whether you want to start your own business or to be a manager at an international corporation, MBA degree is a great choice to expand your knowledge, sharpen your skills, meet like-minded business people and learn how to approach business situations from different perspectives. Types of MBA Course

Regular or General MBA programmes includes Economics, Strategy, Management, Marketing, Finance and so on. They don’t focus on one particular subject and have a holistic approach. The motive of the professor is to make you an overall better businessman/ businesswomen and also provide necessary support to make the next step in your career. Types of MBA Course

There are many specialised MBA courses that designed to advance certain skills which are important in chosen your business area. Here is a list of some of the most popular MBA specialisations:

  • MBA in General Management: They teach students skills such as risk management, problem solving and critical thinking that allow the future graduates to occupy administrative or management position in different types of organisations.
  • MBA in Global Management: It focuses on helping students understand difference between cultures and how international organisation needs to adopt their approach to different countries.
  • MBA in Marketing: It is a great choice when you are interested in administrative or managerial marketing position. Subjects in MBA Marketing include advertising management, marketing research, branding, digital marketing, product development, etc.
  • MBA in Management Information Systems: It teaches future graduates how to implement, design, and use various advance programmes and systems which manage the consulting growing amount of data used of companies.
  • MBA in Human Resource Management: It is one of the most popular MBA specialisations. This allow students to take their human resource skills to the next level while gaining a better understanding of strategy, business administration and other business related subjects.  
  • MBA in Operations Management: It develops the students’ analytical skills and teaches them how to use mathematical models and systems.
  • MBA in Finance: If you want to study MBA and enjoy working with budgets, numbers and have a great attention to details, then MBA finance might be the best option for you.

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